Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sex and the City 2

The teaser poster and teaser trailer have been released for the second Sex and the City movie.

The traditional pink seems to have been traded in for white, gold and silver.

May 28th is the date.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

When Did Book Trailers Become So Damned Popular?

Not sure, but I think I will have to do something for mine. Check that, I know I have to do one.

Blind Tag Column My Thoughts on Wrestling for the Week

I used a screen capture for this post

I have been for the last two months, writing a new column or series of posts, on my Gonzo Journalism blog.
At the moment, I am just too lazy to recopy them all over here.

Monday, December 28, 2009

What you need when you need it

Timing. It's all about timing. The universe gives you what you need when you need it.
I was given a copy of Arielle Ford's Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lover nearly two years ago, when I needed it. I have been wanting her newest book Soulmate Secret for the last year but something has always kept me from getting it. I got it for christmas. Both her books were given as gifts, both when I needed them.
Or I should say, when the universe felt I was ready for them.

And from doing the exercises in Soulmate Secret, I realized that I'm not ready to bring my soulmate to me.
I still have alot of issues that I need to clean up. One of those is my book. There has been so many false starts with getting it published just this year alone. So, I have started to use the Law of Attraction to help with my book first. We'll see where it leads.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cleaning out the junk

I have to love my mom today. My christmas gift from her was my own domain for my wrestling blog.
And while on the topic of wrestling, I had to get rid of my wrestling ning site that I had with the business partner. There was just too many issues. I did however, create a brand new one

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear Blog Day 2- Memories of 1993

Victor stood with his Jon Lennon style glasses on, tinted of course, perched on the edge of his nose. He liked to look down on us as he read the latest essay or poem or what have you that he wrote. Or we wrote. Though he was less then kind when reviewing our works.
He'd won a few awards when he'd been in high school for his plays. Had more then a few produced by the time we were all in our last year of college.
That particular day he was reading something I had written. This I suppose is the part where I tell you about the "gang". Well, there was Victor, who fancied himself the next Jack Kerouac. Then there was Stu, who was the philosophy student, and the drummer in their band. Of course Arthur, the bass player rounding things out.
I was the only female most the time, which suited me fine. Sure they all had girlfriends or what have you. They were the house band after all. And I was just... you know I am not sure what I was to them.
I am still friends with Arthur. He's in Toronto now so we only get to talk by email and rarely by phone.
But that particular day, Victor was in a very odd mood. Things were starting to shift in our little group. We had one writer too many and not enough actors. What Victor really wanted in the group was a painter. But back then everyone wanted to be in a band. We had our roles, and mine was a cross between Mary Shelley and the character Mina from Dracula. How was I suppose to know I would get trapped in the role. Always one step behind them and never taken seriously enough. He once told me he expected great things from me.
I let him down.
I let him down the day I was scolded in front of the news crew by our producer the first time I did a live on air interview, when I was mocked in front of him and the rest of the production team for my appearance by the other women in the crew ; all of whom were a size zero and in love with him, and I let him down when I got canned from the local television station after only two episodes of my horror show.
Yes folks, I am a former horror hostess, even though my show lasted less then a month on local tv.
But the night I wanted to talk about was before all that. When he still thought I was cool. Well, cool enough to hang out with at the coffee house. Merlin's Tea Room. He stood there looking down at me over the edge of his glasses, his shoulder length brown hair brushing on the edges of his black dress shirt, a cigarette in one hand the page in the other. He nodded made this giggling noise he would make sometimes and told me it was too "soft".
Told me there wasn't enough me in it, that my poetry was too "commercial". He was right of course. Victor seemed to know me better then I think I knew myself at that point in my life. And if you read my Gonzo Journalism blog, you will know that I have gotten rougher with my stuff. I write the way I see it.
So why have I felt the need to share this moment from my past?
Why the hell not.

My Vampire Blog

I have been doing Alucard's Rose now for a few years. It's vampires my friend, vampires.
I also have a horror site on called Disturbia

I know its been dead (no pun intended) for a while now, and I need to bring Disturbia up to something more vital. Only, I have no idea what else to add to it. I wanted it to have a different feel then what I had been seeing with these other horror sites on ning.
I did not want the typical thing. Too bad for me that the members seemed to. So at the moment, my Disturbia is needing some new blood.

But, Alucard's Rose, that baby runs itself. Just a blog with a bunch of reviews and such. Some months are busier on there then others. Oh and forgot to mention my vampire ning site Fist Full of Garlic another site I need to add some fresh blood to.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Am I that type of Girl?

I used to say I would not do one night stands. For years I wouldn't. I had to be in a relationship. Only trouble was, my relationships never made it past three months.
In the last few years, I've bowed down to the one night stands and have not had a relationship in nearly 4 years.
How's that working for me? Well, about as good as the relationships were. The last guy I met was this past summer. I blogged about him on my main blog, called him Freud. He's 11 years younger then I am and it was meant as a one off.
He read my blog, left comments, and continued to message me. Then one night, he showed up on my doorstep out of the blue. Our one night stand turned into a second one.
He continued to leave little comments on my blog and skype me every time he saw I was online.
Then last week, he asked if I was seeing anyone. No not right now. He wanted to come over. We started talking about nothing important and he says he was in a relationship.
I blew the roof. Got extremely upset at him. He acted like it was nothing.
Freud messaged me the other day, acting innocent like he had no idea why I was no longer returning his messages.
I'm not even sure why I got so upset, we were not in a relationship, it was never meant to be more then a one night stand. I'm starting to believe I am not designed for long term as I never seem to get any of them to work right. Every man I have been with has cheated on me. So I must be doing something terribly wrong.
If I can accept the fact that I am better at the one night stand then the relationship, and even though I really want a husband I have never wanted the big fluffy wedding, are my ethics changing or am I just giving in to society?
I'm about to turn 36 in the spring, and I am so tired of the games men seem to play. Am I the type of girl who can handle being the back up plan?

Librarians Need Love Too

You know that old Samantha Fox song "Naughty Girls Need Love Too" well, I've had it stuck in my head for a few days now. Won't go away. While I was out today, I started thinking about the idea of trying to figure out what I'm actually good at.
Collecting videos and books is about the length of it. Which really is not that surprising given I am a writer and worked in a Library twice.
I worked for a grade school as the only librarian they had that year, back when I was myself in grade 12. And worked for one of the city libraries when I was in my early twenties as an assistant.
My younger sister has been working at Chapters Canada for the last 5 years. Books it would seem are part of us.
I posted last summer on my main blog my dating misadventures, and talked in one post how I am looking for a man who is equally interested in books. I had a fairly nice coffee date with one guy who was Mr. Outdoors and we just were not compatible. Very sweet man but not much of a reader. In the post I went on to say that I prefer dusty tomb like rows of bookshelves.
A post a certain Tag Team made fun of a few weeks later in their promo.

Talk about Lair of the White Worm.... posting series

I used screen capture for this post.

I did a few posts already on my gonzo journalism blog about the wrestler Sheamus.

I got alot of heat for saying

#1 I think he's hot.
#2 I think he's going to be the top Heel for the next few years with the fans backing him.
#3 I predicted that he would rise to the top fast and have the belt.

So far, I have been right on the fact he has won the belt in under two months. The most heat I think I have gotten from people is that I happen to think he's hotter then hell in a bathtub.
People keep scrunching up their nose at me shaking their heads asking what I see in the pasty white guy.

Well, that right there is one thing. I like pasty white as chalk men. He's a little too top heavy for my tastes, but he's got fabulous thighs and butt and waist. Perfect even.
Not too mention he's got a wicked smile. One that lights up a room. And I don't mean it's so bleached that it leaves you snowblinded, I mean when he smiles you can't help but get a bit dreamy. And since he doesn't smile a whole lot, when he does it sends butterflies through this girl.

When Did I Forget Me

Or loose me might be more like it.
Some time between the middle of September and yesterday, my own writing career got shuffled to the back burner and my hobby as a reviewer got pushed up.
Another book arrived from Harper Collins Canada. That's 3 large books I have to finish reading and review before the end of next week. How am I going to get through them?
The latest, has some time for it, as I have the author guest hosting it would seem on the 27th-28th of January 2010 on my book blog.
It's nice to get free books and all that jazz, but it would be nice to get back to having the time to finish my novel too.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why do Gay Men Flirt with Straight Women?

This is a big WTF? for me.
I live in a neighbourhood that is very active with Biguys and Gay men. And they are always the ones that seem to be flirting with me.
God knows, none of the straight ones are right now. But anyway, there is this one guy who is a drag queen, and he still for whatever reason, keeps flirting with me... on a dating site.

Okay, for those of you who read my main blog, you know that I joined yet another dating site last summer and had a few months of misadventures in dating. Called the series of posts Are there any single straight men left on this planet
I did 20 pieces to the series. Anyway, this one guy messaged me on there while back, and I still have no clue as to why. I still get the odd message from him every few weeks asking what I am doing that weekend and stuff. He's flirty and I can't figure out why.

Few friends are saying it's cause he's Bi.
Okay fine sure.

Then there is the guy who works at the video rental store down the street. Always calling me hon, sweetie, darling, touching my arm, asking if I have a boyfriend, fluffing up his girly man-do, fixing his tie etc. Even suggested going for coffee sometime.
Um, okay.

So why do all these gay men seem to gravitate to me? Is it my inner Elvira? Whatever it is I seem to be doing to get the fabulous attention of the ever so fab-fanboys, I can't seem to turn it around for the straight men to latch on to.

Do I Tear You Apart?

This is the poem I wrote on my Gonzo Journalism blog back on Dec 7th 2009

Locks and keys are made for each other.
Are you the key to my dreams?
Am I the missing piece to yours?
Do I rip you from your own reality when you need it most?
Do you think I should?

Crying in the night only brings misery and headaches.
Do I cause you to weep over the thought of me with someone else?
Did you miss what you thought was your way to me?
Are you anything when I am not beside you?
Do I hold the key to your future?
Do you think I should?

We melt into each person who we are meant to be with.
Have you given yourself over to the idea of me ?
Are you willing to try?
You believe that I am yours body and soul?
Do I hold the key to your future?
Do you think I should?
Do I rip you apart, does it hurt to know we're miles and days away from each other?

Locks and keys are made for each other.
Are you ready to find out if we are a perfect fit?

love always Ardeth Blood

No the guy still has not replied, and posted about in this earlier post

The Farscape Factor

I used screen capture for this post

I posted this on my pagan blog back on Nov 22nd 2009, and thought since it got alot of views, might as well repost it.

In season 3 of Farscape, episode Dog with Two Bones the lead character has to face his fears.
I have struggled with this episode more then once, it's by far my favourite in the series, and the one that hits me the hardest every time I watch it.
It' s the final episode for season 3, tying up some old storylines, but introducing both new ones and new characters.
An end and a beginning. And the wheel keeps turning. Death, loss, birth, rebirth, etc.

The lead character is feeling the weight of his friends moving on in their lives, following their own paths while he is stuck with nowhere to go, literally. As his space ship runs out of fuel and he's trapped, barely floating along.
And a moment of clarity comes to him as he sits alone, having named his fear and made his choice.

As the title of the episode suggests, he has two paths he can follow, the shinny one the dream or the solid one the reality. Does he continue to hope for his ultimate perfect ideal, or does he just live in the moment and be happy with what he already has?
They can't be combined, they can't be merged, at lest not without sacrifice. He chooses to live in the moment with what he already has, and realizes it's truly what he wants anyway. He makes the leap of faith and takes the risk. Only, what he wants is not inline at that point with what everyone else wants.

Fate has made him wait.

It's a hard episode for me to deal with because of what it stirs up in me. The first time I saw this episode it seemed to mirror what I was going through at that point in my life, a choice that ended in isolation. This episode popped up again in my life awhile later with a different situation that seemed to fit in with one of the subplots running through it, that of picking your truth from your fears. Intuition. Now, it has popped up again, at a time when I am not sure if I am even on the right path in my life. I have two different desires that are both so strong in me as to what road I want to travel in my life and they can't be combined, they can't be merged, not even with sacrificing something.

One of the main themes in this episode is meditation. Looking inside yourself and asking the real tough questions.

And that my friends is just one part of the Farscape Factor.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hot Nerds in Love

I was reading an article that talked about the hot nerdy/geeky men of the last decade.
All I can say is "yes yes yes". I love nerdy men.

In the 1990s, nerdy men took on a new level with the tv show Twitch City. Both Curtis and Newbie were nerds of the television kind.
And of course, growing up in the 1980s was ruled by the classic nerds from Revenge of the Nerds.
I still go a little weak in the knees when I see a man in the traditional white short sleeves and tie complete with pocket protector.

Or you know, a couple of guys dressed in white face paint with black eyes and jet black suits. Oh yeah I am very much a fan of the Juggalo love leads Madrox and Monoxide.

I still say Monoxide stole the show in Big Money Hustlas when he wore the footie pajamas.

Are we compatible?

I am an Aries. Demanding and Desiring.
I keep ending up with Pieces, Cancer, and Taurus. That's two waters and an earth.
Seems what I need is an air sign. That would be Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.
Okay, so I need a man who is more thinking then physical. Good thing I am a blogger.

Share your cookbook

Do I really want to share my best recipes with people who don't care about me?
That is almost like giving away your best spells isn't it?

I had promised my meatloaf recipe to Person A and Person B, but I have no desire to give it to them.

But I'm a Writer

I don't like the book I am suppose to be working on.
I made a massive mistake trusting someone and on their advice dropped the novel I was doing for a collection of short stories.
Of which I hate. And that publisher is no longer around. I got screwed and am very mad at myself for having trusted them.

So, trying to pick back up on my novel and finding it hard to get back into it. I only stopped working on it for 3 months, but that was just long enough for the characters to loose something for me.

Now I am left kicking myself and confused.

One of the only regrets I have in life.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm being Scullied.

I have been working with meditation rites to help improve my intuition. I don't always get visions, but when I do they are extremely vivid, with smells.
This time I had one with an electric shock. I saw a guy and I believe that the shock was because he saw me too.
I was trying to talk about it with a friend of mine -Person A from my first post on here- and they keep scoffing at me. The worst part is, they are Empathic.
One second they are halfway agreeing with me, the next they are being the biggest non believers and trying to tell me I am nuts.
I feel like the character Mulder from X-Files being talked out of things by Scully.

So you smoke?

I was out at the store, needed to get some groceries. And this guy came up to me asking if I had a smoke.
"No. Sorry." this actually happens alot around here, as this is a big city of smokers. He nodded and smiled. I wished I had smoked, would have liked a reason to linger around this guy. He was taller then me (I'm a short 5 foot 7), around 5 foot 11 I would say, with jet black hair and chocolate brown eyes. Which given that he had pale skin made me think of my favourite wrestler Alex Shelley.
So then I am just standing there like a goofball waiting to see if he was going to say anything, but no, he just nodded and went across the street to the church.
What is it with guys that have that combination of looks -dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin- that makes me melt? I don't get all flustered around blonde men, so what is it with that combo? I don't go all gaga over darker skinned men either.
Just really pale guys with dark hair and eyes.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bridget Jones's Diary ... Advice

Watching the movie, can't find where I put my book, but watching the movie and it just hit me why it worked for her getting the two men after her.
She ignored them. Yes, flirted but didn't drool.
That would be my issue. Too much time on my hands and feeling the desperation for a husband. I think I blew it for the guy I want. I have been tossing myself at him like mad for months.
Okay, so taking the very cliched advice and backing off totally.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The King of Hearts

Whenever I get a crush on a guy, I see only the innocence in him. No matter how tough and grubby he might be.
I see the sweet little boy, lost and damaged.
Yes, I romanticize every man I am attracted to. It's been my downfall more then once. Trouble is, I never realize I've gone and done it till way later. Whenever I am in that crushing on a guy stage, I see no flaws.
It's not till after I have had my heart ripped to shreds do I see a man for what he really is.
The only time this does not come into play is when I set my sights on a wrestler. When I have spotted a new talent, I see both sides of the coin. His strengths and weaknesses.
A friend of mine, from what I can tell, can not see the double sides of the coin when it comes to the sport of wrestling. They only see what they have been programmed to see.
If he's a character they do not care for, they do what they can to rip him apart even when he's really good at what he does. If he is a character they like, they push him every chance they get, even when he's a crap wrestler.
Are you still a mark when you know you are a mark and everything you see is staged? Are you still a mark when the people around you are bigger marks then you are because they are stuck in their little glass bubble?
So what has this to do with the king of hearts you are asking?
As I said at the top of the post, when I am crushing on a man I see only the good in him. But when I am crushing on a wrestler, I see only the wrestler. I don't think of him as a "man".
I see what he can do physically in the ring, in promos, and judge him only on the two hours a week he's splashed across my tv/computer screen. I need not know what his real life is like when the camera stops rolling.
And I tend to follow the Heels more then the Faces. Faces get boring really fast. Does this mean I have a thing in general for bad boys? No, not really. Just means I know what keeps me entertained and wanting to watch wrestling on a weekly basis.

Are you addicted to my ratings?

I used a screen capture for this post.

You know, I like my men in general like I like my wrestlers, young and from Detroit.
But, if you are reading my main blog then you already know this.
If you are reading my main blog you know this because you most likely googled the MotorCityMachine Guns! and landed on my main blog.
And if you googled the MotorCityMachine Guns! and landed on my main blog then you know I have had a few gimmicks going on there for a very very very long time. I would have to say that 96% of the traffic I get on my main blog is from the MotorCityMachine Guns! fans. Everyone has a thing for them. And rightly so.
They're hot, talented, hot, smart, hot, and did I mention hot. And as much as I am addicted to talking about them, lately I have been feeling the pressure. As I mentioned, the main reason people hit my main blog is to see what I have to say about their heroes every week.
Will I continue to nag about Chris Sabin's hair and pants? Will I continue to nag about Alex Shelley being too thin and not having much of a butt, or nag about his nervous scratching? But you know, drama sells. It equals ratings.
And as I mentioned before on my freakdom blog all this really started because I wanted an interview with Mr. Sabin. I thought talking about him enough would grab his attention. So who do I need to bribe to get that rare and career making interview? He's still after all this time my most popular topic.
I did get asked at one point, why do I only want an interview with Chris Sabin and not one with Alex Shelley? Specially since Alex Shelley is the perfection of a man in my mind?
Honestly, I'm not ready for that. Alex Shelley is the god Dionysus in human form, therefore, I'd be a total mess and just not be able to handle talking to him. I'm not professional enough a reporter to handle trying to chat with him.
But, getting back to the fans, their fans not mine, who read my main blog every week. It's starting to wear on me. I am not sure I can keep it up, not on a weekly basis anyway. Yes, the gimmicks will continue, just not at the frequency they have been. I'm doing what I can in a lighthearted way to keep them in the news without trending on their personal lives (I only talk about what I see of them on the show every week. That is the one and only rule)

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Book of Spells by Michael Johnstone

I just talked about this on my book blog, but thought I would write about here too.

This is a great book of shadows for anyone wither they be a beginner or practicing for years.

With everything from love spells to a spell for peace in the office, it has what you are looking for.

The introduction gives a good overview of the Wiccan holidays, and it's easy to understand layout makes it as easy to read as a cookbook.

Who am I to cast a shadow

The easier it is to get your work out there, the harder it is to get heard.
Everyone and their dog's grandmother are blogging, youtubing, and self publishing. The artistic world has become a junk pile of over used gimmicks and nightmarish proportions of untalented goofs.

The world is a gutter and it needs to be cleaned up. I know, I 've been trying to get noticed for years and I'm about ready to give up. I've done the youtubes, the blogs, the online magazines, and still, my voice is not being heard.

How does this make me feel? Less then webceleb status. When books and movies focus on bloggers you have to ask yourself are they pro blogging or anti?
I am still wondering on the whole thing.

So here it is, I am giving myself one more year to get noticed by the people I want to notice me then to hell with them.
I'm already 35, and no one wants a middle aged anything. So since it's nearly the end of 2009, I am giving myself till January 1st 2011 and then done if the people I want to notice haven't.

So how do I make this next year count?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dear Blog

Do you ever get tired of being told "no" or "maybe it's not who you think it is". I sure get tired of it. Half the people in my life are telling me to keep the spirit alive and the other half are telling me no no no.

It's one of those is a celebrity a god or just a man ? Situations.
The people telling me to keep the spirit alive are saying, celebrities are just people with really cool jobs, they still eat sleep and dren. They are still human.
The people telling me no no no, are saying celebrities are gods. They are so out of our leagues that we shouldn't even think of them.

Really hate these mixed messages. Really hate them.

The same people telling me no no no, are also telling me that the celebrities are just as insecure as we are. Well, make up your mind. Are they on our level or not?

Maybe a celebrity is what I need. God knows that the men I have been meeting are not worth much.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

What you see you are

In magick, the use of visualizing your desires is the strongest tool you have.
Positive thinking. Law of attraction.

How do you view yourself? In a positive or negative way? I've always seen myself as this entity. This force to be listened to. Like Gozer in Ghostbusters. A creature of supernatural means.
When I get dressed I don't try to look sexy, I try to look animalistic. I want to put people in mind of a hyena or wolf or something. Or even a vampire.

I am not a goth. Let's get that straight. I am way too much into the Sex and the City thing to be goth. And you don't see too many goths who like Jane Austen, just doesn't happen. Thou, for some crazed reason, I get told alot that I would make a great goth model.

Um what have you been smoking?

But back to the way you see yourself. I also see myself as a female version of Warhol. My hands into everything creative. So I see myself as this powerful talented creature. In time, I will live up to my view of myself.

Do you view yourself in a positive way? Enough to make your life bend to your dreams?

Taking Ninja's advice

My sister thinks I should go back to working on my full length novel and give up the idea of the short story collection.
I agree.

It's just nice to hear someone agree with me for once. And since Ninja and I have never been close -close, it's even better to have her agree with me.

So, back to my original plan. Finish my novel by March, since I lost 4 months working on the short stories that just were bad. I still am mad at myself for taking the advice of that other author.

Cheer up though, everyone at the book store hates the other author.

Condom Art. What?

Back few years ago, I got a phone call from Viva-Loca Homegirl Esq. She was stoned out of her mind and laughing like a wild boar. I made the mistake of asking her what was so funny.
"The condoms are slippery and the needle keeps ....owww... I keep sticking myself with the needle."

Um what?
She was a fashion designer and after having been drinking for hours, she got the brilliant idea she wanted to make a dress out of condoms. Okay my advice was a large pot of coffee and to put the sewing kit away.

Then we got thinking a few days later when she was sober-ish, about a photography project we were working on. We had decided to add the odd placed condom to a series of pictures we were doing. Was interesting to see how the meaning of a simple photo of a guitar subtly changed by adding a condom instead of a guitar pick. Or a vampire book surrounded by condoms the same colour as the book.

That's what it was like everyday hanging out with Viva-Loca Homegirl Esq. Life was unpredictable and I always laughed out loud. Some friendships don't last a long time, but they leave a massive impression on your lifetime.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Well it's been on my mind alot lately.

I am not a mom.
I have never planned on it. EVER.

Came close once a few years back but that's a long story that I am not in the mood to tell again. Ever.

But, I have been getting alot of signs shall we say, pointing to the idea that it might actually be in my future. Not sure I like that at all.

But, given I am 35 already, it's only natural that it would be a topic I'd have to face at some point.
It's just strange timing that the new Uma Thurman movie Motherhood just came out. I have not had a chance yet to see it, but it looks fabulous. It's suppose to be about a woman who is balancing her kids and her writing career. This is why it's appealing to me.

Ah, my writing career. Or I should say, my lack of a career. No one really realizes how hard it is to be a writer. In this day and age, everything has been done, and everyone is either published or trying to get published. I'm still trying. Things just keep getting frealed up. (Frelled for you Farscape fans who are total sticklers)

Soon. Very soon, I can feel it. It's there, just around the corner. And your books end up being your babies don't they? Righty-ho, Righty-ho. But as I was saying, I keep getting signs that there might be a kid down the road for me. All I have to say is, only if it's with "the right guy".
Anything else, just don't want to think about it.

Morticia Addams vs Lily Munster

Everyone has a favourite. The moms who made vampires part of daily tv.
I've always been partial to Lily Munster myself, but I just can seem to make the white outfit work for me. I even had the streaks in my hair at one point (though I was still a redhead with blonde/blue streaks.)
Most people go for the Morticia Addams look. I think because it's easier to pull off. A long black dress and straight black hair (that would be my sister's favourite look)

What I wouldn't give to get my hands on some of the recipes from the shows/movies as well as the props.
I have been looking everywhere for a jet black tea set with the spider handles, as well as a set with the silver lizards.

Yes, if I was ever to be a mommy I would fashion myself after Lily Munster.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

So I was watching Witches of Eastwick

I found myself always drawn to the character of Alex (Cher) in the movie. I seemed to identify with her more then the other two. It's been years since I read the book. I have it on my list to re-read in the coming months.
I was upset that the tv series is being canceled. I don't feel it was given enough time to really establish itself. I really did not care for the second book Widows of Eastwick. It lacked any real direction.
The original book had a few recipes that I tried once and liked. There is a tomato sauce the character of Alex makes. It's become my main base for tomato sauce actually. All but the Belladonna. I can't get that here.
I have fought the title of witch for years. I gave in awhile back but it still holds something to it that doesn't fit me. Yet, I keep coming back to it. It just doesn't fit me. Kind of like an old sweater you got handed down to you from your grandmother. Just not really your style. I'm not even sure I have a "style" anymore. I'm too poor to be chic and too lazy to try.
Can you tell I am in a talky mood, only I don't have much to really say today.

A Grimoire is a Grimoire is a Grimoire but sometimes....

We scrapbook, we write recipes in cookbooks, we journal.
There was a time when all these things were kept together in the same book. And spells were also part. So many Pagans still use Grimoires. I do.
I also have a scrapbook, a cookbook, and a journal. And a blog. Yeah I can do it all.
Like Elvira (I can cook it- I can shake it -I can mix it -I can bake it if I don't have the recipe I'll fake it) I'm a domestic goddess.

Okay, well trying to be anyway. Give me credit for the attempt.

I love the scene in Elvira Mistress of the Dark when she is using the spellbook to make a casserole and has no idea what it really is. Love it!
Elvira has been my hero since I was little. I still wanna be her when I grow up.

Have we lost the art of creating these super cookbooks? I have to wonder. With everything on these machines now, how much of us would remember things if we lost all this ?
I know I am one person who would have a massive meltdown if I lost my blogs. They have become my grimories, my homebase, my connection to the world and to my innerself.

So a grimoire is a scrapbook, a grimoire is a journal, a grimoire is a cookbook and sometimes it a blog too.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm not Martha Stewart but I'm doing my best.

My friend is a baking genius and she seemed to make things as easy as the rest of us boil water. She had made these fabulous brownies. When I asked her for the recipe, she grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and simply wrote Cream Cheese Brownies.
It seems no one uses cookbooks anymore, everyone just goes online and gets recipes that way.

So I went to the website and got the recipe. It ended up being a big mess just did not work for me. I have no idea what I did wrong.
Baking is not my strong suite. Soups and Stews are. I have no issue with Meatloaf or even roasting a turkey. But something as simple as a tray of cookies, I am useless.

What would Elvira Do?

If you follow me on my other sites, you know I sometimes refer to Jane Austen and Sex and the City when things are going wonky in my life.

Well, there was a time I used to ask "What would Elvira Do?"
(that was before SATC and be becoming a Jane Austen fan)
And think it only fair to ask that again here.

My burning question is "What do I do about my crush?"
So I'm grabbing the book Transylvania 90210 and randomly flipping to a page using bibliomancy (randomly flipping to a page in a book and using the first sentence you see as divination) for my answer.

I had to think fast. "Oh I just came over to borrow a cup of ....flies!" I said lying. " Yeah. I'm uh...making flyed rice and I just realized I was fresh out of the pesky little critters". page 77

Okay, how do I decode that? Maybe I am suppose to cook for him?
Which is kind of funny given a few things.

1) I keep saying that wrestler Alex Shelley is too skinny.
2) I recently started a cooking blog that I have been not updating as often as I should.
3)This is a domestic styled blog which means what I am not totally sure yet.
4) I have no clue who it is that is supposedly is crushing on me.
5) I just realized in #1 I forgot to add that my big celebrity crush is on wrestler Alex Shelley so for anyone who doesn't read my other blog has no idea why I mentioned him in the first place. (I am totally crushing on wrestler Alex Shelley and believe that he is too skinny and have this gimmick on my main blog where I keep offering him cookies)

Alrighty then.
I suppose I am needing to make dinner for whomever my big fan is ? Dazzle him with my vast knowledge of cooking skills if ever the dude actually lets me know who he is.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Whoever he is I hope he's cute

It would seem I have a fan. A big fan.
Someone who reads my main blog on a regular basis, and who has started to read my gonzo style blog too. It would also seem I have hurt his feelings because I started talking about a new guy.
Hmm. Interesting.
So what did I do, I wrote a poem about it. And linked it to my main blog flat out saying it was for the "right guy" to reply to.
Let's hope he has the guts to reply to it, and let's hope he does so in a comment and not elsewhere on the internet. Cause, dude if I don't know who you are, how can I read a reply if you blog it or twitter it or facebook it or myspace it or etc.
I have comments on my blogs, so if he's got the guts to reply here's hoping he's got the brains to reply in my comments on that particular blog.

When will I ever learn?

My name is Ardeth Blood.
That's Miss Blood to many of you. Some of you might know me from my million other spots on the internet, and others might not.
And I am a drama junkie. Not by choice.
It just seems to follow me and I have yet to figure out how to stop it in it's tracks.
And it seems high school is never over.
I'm in my late 30's, and I am still getting stuck in situations that make me feel like I am in high school at lunch in the cafeteria. Stuck at a table right between the cheerleaders and the stoner goth kids.
I hate it.
I mean, seriously, I couldn't even talk about the situation on my normal blog because I have those people involved following my normal blog. And my Facebook, and my Myspace. So, here I am, on a new spot with no followers.
That's really said isn't it?
So the situation is this, Person A is backstabbing Person B, and Person B is backstabbing Person A, and I can see both their points of view. Meanwhile, I am in a business deal with Person A but being told by Person B not to trust Person A. I am starting to is some patterns here.
Thing is, neither of them really have their acts together at all.
See, stuck in a big high school She said She said sitch.
And this is not the first time this has happened. Will I ever learn to trust the right people? We shall see.

Creeping Screams!