Monday, April 12, 2010

Skip to my loo

This is what happens when you have too many empties and not enough room on the truck.

That's and old quote from SCTV 's Great White North skits back 30 years ago (oh my god! the 80's were 30 years ago already)
Or in my case, too many blogs and not enough hours in the day. You have all read about my main blog, and my pagan blog, and the book blog and the vampire blog and my wrestling blog and the cooking blog. (all under my other account)
This; as I said before, was suppose to be a new one to combine all the others so I could weed them out. And of course, they got popular the second I decided that.
My blogs are like children to me and I keep creating more. So for the time being, I'm focusing on the other one on this account which cause of the networking I'm trying to do, is less Addams Family.

I just finished posting yesterday on there about Cumin being smelly. Which it is.
Okay, so I have a new column for the wrestling blog, a stack of books I have not finished reading for the book blog, the pressure from the landlord cause he is raising the rent and I can't afford to live here as it is or move for that matter, and am working on chapter 3 of my novel. If I still have internet after the end of the month I'll be amazed. Well, I suppose it all depends on how much he raises the rent.

Okay, that's my pathetic-ness for the day. 10 am on a Monday and just having first coffee of the day now. So I'll be over on this blog here for a few days or so. And if I have not been to your blog in the last while, I am sorry as I have been a bad blog friend. But I will get there sometime this week.

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