Friday, April 16, 2010

What am I doing here?

Okay, so it seemed I lied. Or more like I tried and failed.   I said I would get to everyone's blog this week and well, I made it to 2. 
Yes I know I am a bad bad bad blog friend.  I'll take my punishment and sit in the corner for a few days.

So, I had an eye doctor's appointment today, he put drops in my eyes, checked my glasses and told me that my lenses are too strong.    What?  Huh?  How?   I've had these for 5 years how could they be too strong?   That explains the headaches.  Great, I can't afford new ones.
So, then there was me stumbling around like a crazed zombie for the rest of the day cause the drops took away my depth perception and I could not wear my glasses.  My left eye is still not back to normal yet.

Weird stuff happening on the social blog network I am part of.   Enough of us non-mommies complained and now, we're getting our own non-mommy group.  One small step for women one giant step for .... women.  When I told my buddy he said "you'll just get that started and poof you'll get knocked up."    I told him if he cursed me by that then not only will I hunt him down and rip his off, I'll put him as the daddy on the birth certificate.  Which you know would be a feat as I've never met him off line.  He's a blogger buddy.

So, here I have been feeling guilty about not getting around to my horror site/vampire fan site  in the last few months, and it seems  it doesn't matter.  Cause,  is removing all free sites.  Yes folks, if you created a site and are only on the free program, you can either bump to a pay program or loose your site.  I will be loosing mine as I can not afford to pay for their services.

And I'm going to share a few blog posts now that I originally posted over on my main blog... well the link cause to be honest I'm lazy and just don't want to retype it or even cut and paste.

Oh eye candy.

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